Pakistani, French investors acquire Iranian property portal

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Gilles Blanchard and Imran Ali Khan, the chairman and co-founder of Emerging Markets Property Group respectively, revealed on Sunday that they have collectively gotten Iranian property portal iHome in their personal capacity. Regards to the deal were not disclosed.

Emerging Markets Property Group is the moms and dad company of realty sites Zameen and Bayut with a concentration on Pakistan and the UAE.

It raised US$ 20 million in series C funding in January with the money earmarked for enthusiastic growth goals throughout South and Central Asia.

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Native Americans implore France to stop artifact sale

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Native American leaders have pleaded with France to look beyond short-term profit and do what is right in the eyes of humanity by halting an auction of numerous things sacred to their spiritual beliefs.

The artifacts set up to go up for bidding in Paris at the Eve auction house next week consist of a Plains war t-shirt made with hair from human scalps and an unusual ritualistic guard. They are anticipated to bring tens of countless euros.

Native Americans compete that whereas wealthy European buyers simply see something exotic and beautiful to embellish their walls, to them the objects are imbued with life.

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Lebanese citizenship law strips women of identity

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When her adolescent child a skilled football gamer was chosen for a nationwide Lebanese group, Nadine Moussa could not have been more proud.

However, the celebrations were temporary.

Under a 91-year-old law, women like Moussa, who are wed to foreigners, cannot pass their Lebanese citizenship on to their hubbies or children - nor can they acquire or own property. Find more info visit

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